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The Daily Echo: A General Theory on Domain Dominance with Robin Sharma: October 15, 2019

October 15, 2019

If you’re seriously interested in:

…making sure the rest of your professional life and the remainder of your personal days are aligned with your most central values and greatest strengths and…

…battleproofing The 4 Interior Empires of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset against trivial diversions, digital distractions and any hijacking by the messaging from a noisy crowd and…

…if you’re really ready to architect consistently world-class days so you are the most creative/productive/prosperous/fit and joyful people in your field…

Then carefully read the information that follows as it walks you through an opportunity that will be extremely valuable to you…

…all of the very small numbers of seats to my world-famous flagship event The Titan Summit 2019 that my team has made available have been quickly taken up by leaders, epic producers and respected influencers who enthusiastically understand the deep value of multiplying their natural abilities, learning from my Faculty of global thought-gurus and masterminding over 4 unforgettable days with billionaires, elite athletes and many of the most successful [and loving] human beings on our tiny planet.

…The Titan Summit 2019, being curated on December 8-11 at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto will soon be completely sold out for another year.

…Nothing will give you the return on investment that being in this room will give you in terms of your business growth, talent maximization and lifestyle optimization.

…NOT being in the room and trying to figure out how the most successful people in the world scale impact, build fortunes, reach peak health and serve the world will cost you x100 more than the investment to join us.

…Just imagine learning the systems, routines, philosophies and methodologies that the top people of commerce, sports and the arts are currently using to cause their winning so you make quantum leaps in your income, happiness, health and lifestyle?

Claim one of the final seat[s] here: before you miss this opportunity and have to wait another year.

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