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The Daily Echo: Are you Ready to Run? May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Every week at my office I treat numerous runners that are having pain. They think it is the natural consequence of running. It is almost the “fee” they believe required to run. This is not the case. This week on the echo we are going focus the entire work on being “Ready to Run”. You may think you are not a runner, but this assumption is wrong. You may not run marathons or 5K’s but all of us must know how to run and be ready to run. In today’s episode Kelly Starrett talks briefly about being ready to run. His cutting edge book “Ready to Run” is put together wonderfully to help teach you how to learn the necessary components of mechanics and how to organize yourself to run properly. Don’t be like the countless number of runners forced to the sidelines early in life because of debilitating injuries that could have been prevented.

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