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The Daily Echo: I will ACT NOW!!!! August 6, 2016

August 6, 2016

Today’s Echo features one of the finest people I know. Dave Blanchard has taught me so much in word but more importantly in ACTION… Today Dave talks about Scroll 9 and those 4 words that will get you where you want to go…..”I will ACT NOW!!!!”…. Take time to listen to Dave and I promise you will get that extra fuel you need to ACT NOW!!! We live in a social media world. At the touch of the button you and I can see the most lavish houses, the fastest cars, the newest electronics. If we are not careful we can fantasize these things in our lives….. WE go to that place that only exists in our minds. We want to SKIP the work and just have it now….IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!! You cannot skip the WORK… YOU and I must ACT NOW…. The longer you continue to believe the hype of the get rich mindset and a life of “EASE” you will continue to have what you currently have and be what you currently are…… Action must follow the dream, goal, or vision. If you have a big enough dream or WHY that will ignite your ACTION… If you find you don’t have the energy to do the WORK you might be in the wrong forest….. When the dream, goal, or vision is YOURS….. Action will follow naturally because that PASSION you have is your fuel to do the work….

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