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The Daily Echo: Private Victory leads to Public Victory…… August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016

Years ago while living in London England as a 19 year old I was introduced to Stephen Covey and his book “Spiritual Roots of Human Relations”…. We all know Stephen Covey for his monumental work, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”….. In that book Covey spoke about gaining “Small Wins” or what he called “Private Victories”… He said these private victories will lead to victories in the our public life…. So what exactly is a private victory? It is essentially keeping the commitments you have made to yourself… Like tomorrow when the alarm goes off at 5 I’m NOT hitting the snooze button…I’m getting right up…. OR???? Saying I am going to workout tomorrow and then WORKING OUT… For some people who have continually broken the commitments they have made to themselves they will need to begin small… Just keep it simple and as time progresses increase the work load. In today’s episode Robin Sharma talks about small wins in our day that will lead to bigger wins….. The same analogy is in play here. We must get the “ball rolling” and that starts small… Many of us are waiting for the giant leap of success but in reality we have certain bridges to cross and lessons to learn… These are found in those small private victories..

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