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The Daily Echo: When you say YES to Something You are saying NO to Something else. March 15, 2019

March 15, 2019

This can be a challenge for many. I am one of those including. I have always wanted to do more than I have time to do. When someone asks me to do something I have many times said yes when it meant saying no to something more important. It’s really that simple and if we evaluate it that simply we can be transparent when saying no to someone with that exact terminology. Let me know you appreciate them thinking about you for whatever they are asking but kindly let them know “IF” you say yes to that you will be saying NO to something that is needing more attention at the present time. Maybe later they can revisit that request and your life will be in a different place.

We also need to evaluate that thing that keeps showing up on our todo list for the last 3 months. It’s obvious it’s not that important but maybe the best thing to do is to just say NO on that item to get some clutter out of your life. Ryan makes it simple today while explaining saying no to certain things.

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